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Vision Statement: Provide healthy, nutritious meals in our schools because we care.

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National School Breakfast Week March 6th - 10th

Come join us for FREE breakfast at any of our wonderful schools.  See flyer for details, click here.

MyPayments Plus - pay for school lunches

[more info on MyPayments Plus site]

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MyPaymentsPlus (formerly MealPayPlus) ( is a state-of-the-art online service that provides 
you the convenience and information you need to manage your student’s account. This system allows you to browse
& make payments toward meals, speeds up serving lines in the cafeteria, and ensures that your child will receive a nutritious meal.

MyPaymentsPlus also allows you to:

• Create a free, secured account to manage all of your student's accounts.

• Check your student’s current account balance from anywhere, at any time.

• Monitor the items your student has been purchasing in the cafeteria.

• Create settings to receive email notifications when the account reaches a low balance.

• Make a prepayment into your student’s account using a check, credit card, or debit card online
at or via phone. Funds deposited through MealpayPlus are usually
available for student use within a matter of minutes. NO FEES CHARGED TO PARENTS!

• Create settings to automatically replenish your student’s account when it has a low balance.

INDIVIDUAL STUDENT ACCOUNTS – Your payments are deposited into individual student accounts,

and this account is used for breakfast, lunch and a la carte purchases.


There are two categories in your student’s account the “Meal” category of student accounts allows
ONLY full meal purchases;  “General” allows for  full meal purchases,  individual milk, or any ala carte
purchases. Please indicate your category of choice with your payments.  Of course, cash is always
an option.


ONLINE – the online payment system ( –*Free to Onalaska Parents) that allows
payments from your checking account or credit card.  You will need your student's ID#.  You may call
783-6251 for this information.

CHECK OR CASH –  Please write your student’s account number on your check, or write it on a slip of
paper to send with your cash. **please indicate “Meal” or “General” category**. You may send the money
to any school, and it will be applied to the account you specify.


After your student goes through the food service line and either fills a tray or takes a carton of milk to have
with a sack lunch, the student gives his/her name to the cashier and punches his/her 4-digit meal code number
into the keypad at the checkout station.  The student’s name and picture will flash onto a computer screen.  
After the cashier verifies that the correct student is being served, the system deducts the correct charge
from the student’s account.(Cashiers assist students with their meal code numbers until the students learn
them.  The system preserves confidentiality of those eligible for free and reduced priced meals.)  Cash or
four digit lunch number may also be used for a la carte purchases at the middle and high schools.

Parents are expected to maintain their meal accounts in a positive status.

WHEN YOUR STUDENT’S ACCOUNT GETS LOW A low balance is reached when the STUDENT’S account
drops below $5.00.  When the account drops to the low balance, cashiers will remind students in the lunchroom.


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