School Health Services

School Health Services

General Information

Health Alerts

Whenever there is a change involving your child's health status or the information you wish to have shared with staff, please complete the Health Update form in addition to informing your child's teacher. This information will then follow the student from grade to grade (as long as it remains relevant) on the Health Alert lists used to inform staff, unless the parent requests in writing that it be deleted. Additional forms are available through the school health paraprofessional.

Emergency Cards

When a child is ill or injured, it is very important to be able to reach the parent or a backup person.  Please inform the school immediately of any changes in emergency contact information (i.e. work or home phone numbers, back up person to call in your absence, change in physician or hospital).  If you have a cell phone, please provide this number as well.

When students are injured or become ill at school . . .

-- they should report to the health room

-- if they are unable to rest and recuperate, they will generally be sent home

-- parents/guardians will be contacted before the student is sent home      

-- the school nurse may be contacted at 608-783-4610

-- ambulance service through 911 will be called in case of serious emergency.

Medication policy

-- see the Medication Policy.


Field Trips and Co-Curricular Activities

Please be certain that necessary health information about your child has been provided to the school in writing on the Student Enrollment Form and on forms required for co-curricular activities. During co-curricular activities, if a child becomes ill or is injured, the coach/advisor will be attempting to call the parent/guardian.  If it appears to be an emergency, the coach/advisor will call

911, then the parent/guardian.  The parent/guardian must obtain a signed health care provider’s order for any prescriptions that the child must receive for which the school does not already have a signed order (orders for doses normally given before or after school, or at bedtime).

Communicable Diseases

Please contact the district nurse (608-783-4610) before sending a child with a suspected communicable disease/illness to school. The district nurse will consult with you about whether or not it is safe to send your child to school, and what precautions, if any, need to be observed.

Any student suspected of having a communicable disease or any other disease or condition having the potential to affect the health of other students and staff may be sent home for the purpose of diagnosis and treatment. Wisconsin law provides for this to protect the public health. In general, the district nurses and other staff are referring to the guidelines provided by the State of Wisconsin for appropriate control measures and response to communicable concerns.


See the current immunization requirements.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and other leading medical organizations recommend routine meningococcal immunization for adolescents during the preadolescent doctor’s visit (11 to 12 year-olds), adolescents at high school entry (15 year-olds) if they have not previously been immunized, and for college freshmen living in dormitories. The district nurses suggest you contact your child’s health care provider or the La Crosse County Health Department (608-785-9723) to help you decide if your child should receive this vaccination or to make an appointment.

Exemption from Physical Education or Other Classes or Activities

When a student is temporarily unable to participate in physical education or any other class or activity due to illness or injury, he/she may be excused upon receipt of a written note from the parent or legal guardian for a period not to exceed three days.  The teaching staff shall arrange for alternative instruction for the student.

A. The written excuse must be delivered to the school office and should state:  the student's name, the nature of the problem or reason for the excuse, the specific restriction or exclusion requested, and the date(s) for which the restrictions apply (not to exceed three days).

B. A written statement from the student’s physician/PA, nurse practitioner or chiropractor confirming the student's condition and need for restriction or exclusion from class, is required to excuse a student for more than three days.  The provider’s request should also indicate the duration of the restriction and input regarding activities including P.E., other classes and recess. When her/his health care provider excludes the student from P.E., the student will be excluded from recess and applicable co-curricular activities as well.

C. The Board encourages parents/guardians to require their children to participate in physical education and other classes to the fullest extent that is healthy.  Parents are invited to seek the input of the nurse and/or other staff in making the determination of specific restrictions necessary to ensure the student's well being.

After an illness, children will be permitted to stay inside for a maximum of three days.  Parents/guardians must request this in writing.  A longer restriction requires the health care provider’s written statement of medical necessity noted above.

Life-Threatening Food Allergies and Latex Allergies

There are many children in the school district who have life-threatening allergies to specific food items. The most common life-threatening food allergy is topeanuts/peanut butter, however, some children are allergic to other foods. Please be aware of this if you are sending a birthday treat or other snacks to school.  Please check with your child's teacher at the beginning of the year to inquire whether there are children with such severe allergies in your child's class.  Thank you for your consideration.

Due to the increase in individuals with potentially life-threatening allergies to latex, the District uses vinyl disposable gloves in administering first aid.  In addition, latex balloons are prohibited in the schools.

Contact Information

Jacque Andrews

District Nurse

608-783-4610, Ext. 8005


Amy Yonkovich

District Nurse

608-783-4610, Ext. 8012

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