Parent Involvement

Parent Involvement

Parent Involvement

The School District of Onalaska believes that education is a collaborative effort between students, staff, parents and the community.  Parental involvement in our schools is highly encouraged and greatly appreciated.

Please feel free to contact any of our schools if you have questions about how you can become involved.


Distribution of Materials by Outside Agencies

The School District of Onalaska will distribute* materials to students and staff once approved by the Superintendent.  A non-endorsement statement must be on placed on materials to distribute indicating that this is not a school sponsored activity and the School District of Onalaska does not necessarily endorse this program/activity.

*Effective January 1, 2013, materials will not be distributed but placed on the district website for parents/students and staff to view. You'll find approved materials at "Parents/Students", then select "Activities by Outside Agencies" and then locate the named flyer/agency and if applicable, date of the event.

Click here to download the Distribution of Materials form.


Facility Request Form

The Board of Education encourages and permits the widespread use of its physical facilities by the School District of Onalaska community as noted in Board Policy 7000.(click here for Policy 7000)

Click here to download Facility Request Form.  Contact the appropriate building administrator for approval and completion of your request.


Volunteer Service Form

Click here to download the Volunteer Service Form.Complete the form and take to the school in which you wish to volunteer for the building Administrator to sign.

     At the October 20, 2003 school board meeting, the Onalaska Board of Education enacted a new district policy requiring criminal background checks for people who want to volunteer in our schools.  The purpose of this policy is to ensure the safety of our children when they are working with volunteers in the classrooms and in our schools.  The policy outlines a volunteer application process that includes a written application to become a volunteer and a release statement that gives the district permission to conduct the criminal background check on the applicant.

     Volunteers are very beneficial to our schools’ culture and success.  Research shows that schools in which parents are active participants exhibit positive climate, healthy home-school relationships and increased student achievement.  Please consider continuing to volunteer in our schools by complying with this process to ensure a safe environment for our children.

Click here to download the RENEWAL Volunteer Service Form.

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