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The mission of the School District of Onalaska is to work together to ensure high levels of learning for all.

The citizens of the School District of Onalaska have high expectations for their schools to produce a quality product in terms of academics and life experiences. They expect children to be prepared for their futures, regardless of what those futures might be. In addition, the community expects prudent fiscal management. Also, staff members in the Onalaska schools understand they have a professional responsibility to educate all children – regardless of what program needs they have: special education, regular education or gifted education. Since 2006, the district has made a concerted effort to place a greater emphasis on obtaining high levels of learning for all children. Some of the results of that emphasis are noted below.

High Academic Results

  • 86.8% WSAS Proficiency by all students (2014-15) 
  • 2014 High School Graduation Rate – 97 %
  • 2014 High School ACT Scores – 24.1
  • Wisconsin Knowledge and Concepts Exam – well above state average in grades 4, 8 and 10
  • Recognition by UW-Madison and Wisconsin ACT for consistently high ACT college entrance scores
  • Reduction in truancy rates at the high school and middle school due in part to new student mentoring programs
  • Reduction in the number of drop outs through implementation of an alternative high school program called OASIS
  • Growth in the enrollment and the number of Advanced Placement (AP) course opportunities
  • AP Test scores consistently exceed the state average

Quality Life Experiences

  • High school student participation in co-curricular activities (2013-14) – 29.2 percent in academic activities, 34.2 percent in music, and 53.1 percent in athletics
  • Continued team success in interscholastic athletics – recent state appearances in basketball, wrestling, track, cross country, hockey (boys and girls), golf (boys and girls), girl’s gymnastics, swimming
  • Sportsmanship Awards at the conference and state levels
  • Participation in national history, business and marketing competitions
  • Community service projects that reflect an awareness of student understanding and empathy towards others
  • Increase in student wellness activities through programs like Fit Kids; Living Healthy and Safe Routes to School
  • Community partnerships with organizations such as Minds in Motion Bicycle Tour, the YMCA and UW-La Crosse to provide student activities
  • Increased parent participation in Family Reading, Science and Wellness nights
  • Technology continues to be integrated into instruction as students become effective in 21st Century Learning Skills
  • Student Nutrition Advisory Council has been nationally recognized for improving nutrition at Onalaska High School
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